FPV Shopping List

FPV & R/C recommended hardware

Are you looking for good RC and FPV related products? Tools, components, supplies? Below you will find my recommendations divided into several categories. Be advised. Those are not the cheapest (I can not afford to buy the cheapest stuff) or best of the best of the best products! They have to be both good (main condition) and relatively cheap. Like the slogan "best bang for the buck"...

Digital FPV

Digital FPV

The Best FPV equipment - goggles, cameras, transmitters, receivers

Analog FPV

Recommended FPV drone frames for small and big drones

Drones and for drones

RC airplanes, flying wings, servos and accessories

Airplanes and for airplanes

Radio control - radios and receivers

Radios and receivers

Tools - Hot Glue Guns, Soldering Stations, screwdrivers, glues, tapes, materials and supplies

Tools, Materials & Supplies

Electronics, Arduinos and Radios

Electronics & Arduinos


If general FPV & R/C hardware recommendations are not enough for you, and you are looking for an inspiration for upcoming builds, here are the best FPV multirotor drones and airplanes I built over the years. Not all, that would be too much. Just the ones I'm pleased with. Over here, you will find the Ritewing Mini Drak and amazing 7-inch long-range TBS Source One. But not only that. I build at least a few airplanes and drones every year and update the list on a regular basis. Freestyle drones, racing drones, experimental builds and my frame designs!

Pirx Seven - the cruiser / long range 7-inch FPV drone

Pirx Seven

Pirx 5 Freestyle

Pirx 5 Freestyle

Alfa Monster 7-inch freestyle FPV quadcopter

7-inch Alfa Monster

Catalyst Machineworks 7-inch BangGOD

7-inch CMW BangGOD

7-inch Source One Long Range Drone

7-inch Source One

Ritewing Mini Drak The ultimate FPV flying wing

Ritewing Mini Drak

Black 90 - a compact flying wing

Black 90 Flying Wing

Flybot Flux Freestyle Flying Wing

Flybot Flux

Race Day Quads Mach 1 Pure breed 5" FPV race drone

Race Day Quads Mach 1

Armattan Rooster Freestyle FPV drone

Armattan Rooster

iFlight XL7 Long range 7-inch FPV drone

iFlight XL7


The ability to choose good hardware for multirotor and R/C airplane builds is a worth-to-have skill. It's not the only one tho. If you want to know more about drone building, electronics, motors, long-range FPV, 7-inch drones, and much more, here are some interesting reads. The list is still short, but it is growing!

Top mistakes when building 7-inch drones

Top mistakes with 7" drones

Top tips for long-range FPV

Top tips for long-range FPV

Fixed Wing Tuning Guide for INAV and Ardupilot

Fixed Wing Tuning Guide

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