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Digital FPV

It's time. No matter if everybody is happy about that or not, Digital FPV is taking over the FPV world. The DJI Digital FPV System is with us for more than a year now, and it seems like the competition does not have anything to compete with yet. Fat Shark Byte Frost was an abysmal fiasco, and Shark Byte is only scheduled to go public.

DJI Digital HD Goggles

DJI Digital HD Goggles

The one and only DJI HD FPV goggles. Big, with four antennas, but the only goggles that allow you to enjoy the HD image from your drone or airplane. They support analog video as well. You only have to attach a Fat Shark compatible receiver module!

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Caddx Vista with DJI camera

Caddx Vista DJI compatible camera and VTX

The original DJI Air Unit offers the best range, image quality and functionalities. However, there is a price to pay: it's rather big and heavy. Caddx Vista solves that problem: it's smaller and lighter and should fit most FPV frames. Even small toothpicks. In return, you lose the second antenna and ability to record DVR footage in the drone. There is no Sd card slot!


Caddx Nebula Pro camera

Caddx Nebula Pro camera

If you already have a Caddx Vista with Nebula camera and you want to upgrade your setup, Nebula Pro camera is what you need! The video quality is on par with the DJI camera, but Nebula Pro is smaller and lighter.


DJI Air Unit

DJI Air Unit

DJI Digital FPV goggles require a digital video transmitter and a digital camera. DJI Air Unit is both: a special camera and a transmitter with MIMO antennas, an SD Card slot, and a possibility to connect to a flight controller for OSD data.

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Caddx Nebula Pro Kit

Caddx Vista VTX with Caddx Nebula Pro camera

The alternative to a full-size DJI Air Unit is Caddx Nebula Pro camera with a Caddx Vista Kit. Although the radio module is the same size as full Vista, the camera is smaller and lighter. And yes, the video quality is as good or maybe even better than with the original DJI camera. Kudos to Caddx!



iFlight Crystal HD

iFlight Crystal HD Patch antenna

The iFlight Crystal HD is another idea of adding a good-looking directional patch antenna to the DJI FPV goggles. Instead of antennas that you have to mount with a double-sided tape like Lumenier AXII HD, why not to put antennas inside the goggles front plate? Looks much more professional than anything else and works the same way!

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Lumenier AXII HD patch antennas

Lumenier AXII HD patch antennas

The original LHCP antennas shipped with DJI FPV goggles are, well, not the best things ever. The Lumenier AXII HD set consists of 2 patch, directional, and two omnidirectional LHCP antennas. Gain? Substantial when you are flying in front of yourself. Price to pay? Weaker signal reception when flying behind you. Is it worth it? Tests say that yes.

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