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Flybot Flux - FPV Freestyle Flying Wing

FPV drones are cool, but before drones came in, if you wanted to fly a model, you had to use an airplane or a helicopter. They were always fun. Now, when new meets the old, FPV airplanes, and especially FPV flying wings are better than ever!

With modern flight controllers, LiPo batteries and powerful motors that originated in FPV racing, modern flying wings can do wonderful things in the sky. The carbon fiber helps a lot as well. As a result, it's a pure joy to pilot well-tuned FPV flying wing on a sunny day!

Freestyle FPV flying wing

Flybot Flux - freestyle FPV flying wing

I will be honest, it was not an easy decision to become the owner of Flybot Flux FPV flying wing. When I decided to finally get her, the plan was to build her and then either sell or give away on my YouTube channel. After a few flights, I've changed my mind and I'm keeping her for long... Why? Simple: Flybot Flux is so much fun to fly! Stable, locked-in, fast (but not very fast). She is just a good model. Not perfect, but good. And that's enough for now.

Freestyle FPV flying wing

Freestyle FPV flying wing


Freestyle FPV flying wing

Freestyle FPV flying wing

Freestyle FPV flying wing

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