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TBS Source One - The Ultimate 7-inch long range FPV cruiser drone

FPV drones build for 7-inch propellers are something relatively new in a FPV commmunity. It's not that pilots were not flying with 7-inch drones. It's not that. It's rather the fact, that in last year more and more companies started to design and sell frames for 7-inch propellers, good motors and good propellers. The advantages of 7-inchers over 5-inchers are quite obvious:

Here is my favorite 7-inch Cruiser FPV drone based on Team BlackSheep Source One frame and Brotherhobby Avenger v2 2507 motors.

TBS Source One 7-inch FPV drone

One of the most popular misconceptions is that you can turn any 5" quadcopter frame into a 7" one just by adding longer arms. Yes, such a quadcopter frame will fit 7-inch propellers, but will not fly great. The reason is quite simple: vibrations. The longer the arms are, the more flexible they get and, as a result, bends more and resonates with a lower frequency. To counteract that effect, arms have to be thicker, and the whole frame more rigid and thought through. On top of that, small, designed to drive 5-inch propellers, motors (2205, 2206, 2306, and even 2207) do not have enough torque to change the rotation speed of much bigger 7-inch propellers quickly. The solution is to use much bigger motors, like 2507 or 2806.

TBS Source One 7-inch quadcopter 01

It turned out it was an excellent decision. Stiffer arms and bigger motors greatly improved flight experience, and most of the vibrations and bobbing are gone. Finally, a smooth and efficient flight...

TBS Source One 7-inch quadcopter 01

As a result, this 7-inch long-range drone has some interesting properties:

3D printed accessoriesfor TBS Source One

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