The Ultimate 7-inch long range FPV cruiser drone

FPV drones build for 7-inch propellers are something relatively new in a FPV commmunity. It's not that pilots were not flying with 7-inch drones. It's not that. It's rather the fact, that in last year more and more companies started to design and sell frames for 7-inch propellers, good motors and good propellers. The advantages of 7-inchers over 5-inchers are quite obvious:

Here is my favorite 7-inch Cruiser FPV drone based on Team BlackSheep Source One frame and Brotherhobby Avenger v2 2507 motors.

TBS Source One 7-inch FPV drone

It turned out that the trick to having a smooth flying 7-inch long range cruiser quadcopter is to have a frame with thick arms and big motors with low KV. This is why iFlight XL7 was replaced by TBS Source One with 7-inch arms and Brotherhobby 2507 Avenger v2 1500KV motors motors.

TBS Source One 7-inch quadcopter 01

It turned out it was a very good decision. Stiffer arms and bigger motors greatly improved flight experience and most of the vibrations and bobbing are gone. Finally a smooth and efficient flight... TBS Source One 7-inch quadcopter 01

As a result, this 7-inch long-range drone has some interesting properties: